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Monday, August 25, 2014

Framing it Up with the Deflecto Craft Line
of Acrylic Frames

Happy Monday! Today is my first offical posting as part of the Deflecto USA Ambassador Design TeamI'm so excited to be part of this team and have this opportunity to get creatively organized! For more information on the Deflecto line of products, please visit:

Today we "Frame it Up!" The entire Deflecto USA Ambassador Design Team is sharing a variety of creative and imaginative uses for the Deflecto line of acrylic frames... you probably even already own some of them. 

I received a generous assortment of Deflecto acrylic frames in a variety of sizes and shapes - some clear and some with colored borders. Today I am sharing what I have done with a few of these. Keep a lookout for upcoming projects where I will put the rest of these beautiful, crystal clear plexi frames to work in my creative space and projects.

One thing that is great about these frames is that they are self-standing. You can use them vertically, as they are labeled and displayed... or use them horizontally. So I selected the black 5x7 Deflecto Craft Frame which has a built-in black opaque framed border to make a permanent home for one of my Halloween stamped creations.

I don't have the time or space to make a plethora of shadow boxes to house/display my creations, but I most certainly have space for a couple of modern, sleek frames that I can change out for each holiday... and that's what I've done here.

Here's a view from the backside. The acrylic wraps nicely around the back to give a nice secure fit to the contents. I gently pulled out the insert, cut my creation to size and gently inserted into the frame. My piece has two and three layers of paper in places and it fit nicely. I made sure to spray my oil pastel painted background art with a sealant before placing into the frame so that it won't transfer/smear as I slide it into the frame.

I had a molded/cast Creative Paperclay Pumpking mounted to the front of this piece on an Action Wobbler {a plastic springy gadget which makes items wobbly} that I gently removed and remounted with removable adhesive to the exterior of the frame.

My stamped headless horseman scene complete with a flying, wibbly-wobbling pumpkin head is perfectly displayed. To see how I created this halloween art please click here.

I receive three itty bitty clear acrylic frames and I have been putting these to a variety of uses. Albeit many are more utilitarian - but handy timesavers indeed! I LOVE these and they are so stinkin' cute!!!

At my craft show, they held little price signs and doubled as stands to lean items up against to stand vertical. These are perfect size for wallet size photos, ATCs {artist trading cards} or personalized place card settings. I can go on and on...

One creative use is that they are extremely helpful in photographing my creations. I've tried several different ways to stand up a card, and they always are drooping or a corner sags or it's perspective is skewed. These little frames are a LIFESAVER. I plan on getting more of these handy little guys.

One way is that you can just lean the card against the frame. Depending on how it's embellished this works perfect and I can angle my camera to square it up and press CLICK for a perfect shot {what a timesaver in photoshop, too}.

This is standing against the frame and you can see the shadows cast from the embellishments are a bit harsh... so I will try something else.

So I layed the frame down on it's backside - so it's sort of upside down with a low-profiling slope.

I placed my card upon the slope of the frame, set up the camera shot... and this time it is perfect!


Here's another view for my next card ready for proper photography.


Another nearly perfect photo. The top corners curl in slightly, but this is better than the distortion of putting a dimensional card on the scanner.

Now for the Pièce de résistance!

Stands for my altered Altoid tin. I normally plan some type of hanging/displaying into the creation process... but for this recycled project - by the time I realized it, I had already mounted everything inside. So in a drawer it sets. EUREKA!!! These itty-bitty little Deflecto Craft frames have brought my art back to the light of day! Using a couple glue dots, I adhered the frames to the back. It would hold with just the one, but the second helps keep it balanced and it open just the way I like it.

One added bonus of the larger frames... they make excellent light bouncing devices! I put a white paper in the frame and angled it to bounce some light into my altered box mounted upon the mini frames. This discovery is simply PERFECTION!

The bottoms of the frames are completely concealed and barely peek out from the bottom - more importantly I've had no drilling or glueing here. Within minutes I am again enjoying my stamped scene... a panda munching peacefully in a whimsical garden {please click here to view how I created this}.

What are you inspired to create
using the Deflecto Line of Craft Frames?

Thanks for visiting! Please join me the LAST MONDAY of each month when the Deflecto USA Ambassador Design Team will have a new Deflecto product challenge to debut.
 :) Sb

For more information on the Deflecto line of products,

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Art is the Key to Happiness... and the #BlueBox

Hello everyone! I'm off on a whirlwind weekend attending my first official artist workshop and just wanted to share a little recap. If it wasn't for ARTing... I would be at home glued to all the Doctor Who regalia and fandom of the new twelfth incarnation.

Friday after work I packed up the MINI and set off to Central FL for a creative weekend away to learn from the amazing Cat Kerr.

The workshop was being held at Art More Place in Melbourne, Florida... a magical place that I plan to be visiting again. I met a wonderful group of creative ladies who share love for jewelry making.

There was plenty of space to work and loads of inspiration all around.

I learned the art of soldering - something completely NEW and alien to me. It was a challenge and it took me all the way until the last jump ring to realize I needed to hold the tools in opposite hands {being ambidextrous sometimes makes being creative a little trying when learning new things}.

We had a wonderful home cooked lunch indoor picnic style. Good thing this was all indoors - is was about 100 degrees outside.

Lunch was healthy and divine! Vegetarian style buttersquash coconut chili over rice, fresh fruit salad, sliced watermelon and macroons. Delicious, comforting and fuel to power us through the afternoon of creating.

Hammering inspirational words and sentiments into my charms.

Everyone's finished work from the day's learning. Mine are the three capsules that are alone. I'm making special keepsake gifts with them so I won't be sharing these until later.

Here is my completed official "Tardis Key" necklace complete with inspiring solder charm that I created in the class {the key is a find on one of my artful junque-ing expeditions}. It was refreshing to take a break and go off the grid to learn some new things. Now it's time to pack up and go back home... my DVR is calling "...oooh WE oooh!" :) Sb

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Remain CALM... and Craft On with Some Fantastic NEWS!!!

Hello Everyone! I'm in total WHOvian obsession mode watching the marathon and working on all the crafty projects for the big event... the debut of Doctor No. 12 this weekend. I will be at a creative workshop all weekend - but I still plan to squeeze in my BBC time.

Meanwhile back here on Earth - I have some wonderful news to share. This month I became part of wonderful new team of creatives that form the Deflecto USA Ambassador Design Team. I am so excited to be a part of this team! To some of you Deflecto may seem a little familiar - if you share my love for trips to the office supply store for organizational goodies... then you might share in my excitement.

Save the DATE! Please join us Monday, August 25th as we "Frame it Up!" The entire Deflecto USA Ambassador Design Team will be sharing a variety of creative and imaginative uses for the Deflecto line of acrylic frames... you probably even already own them. Each LAST MONDAY of each month the team will have a new challenge to debut. Stay tuned to see how I get creatively organized! :) Sb

For more information on the Deflecto line of products,

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