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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dreaming of Cool Breezes for the FALLing in Love with FALL Decor Bloghop

Welcome to the Falling in Love with Fall Decor Bloghop hosted by Rita Barakat! If you love fall decorating... you are in for a treat! Hop along to be inspired by this amazing group of designers who have come together to share their love of fall decor!! If you have arrived here and would like to get to the top of the hop CLICK HERE.

"Fall is in the Air" somewhere  just not here in South Florida. We don't experience a FALL season... though we certainly LONG for it as it's seemingly SUMMER all the time. Nonetheless, I do enjoy creating for the fall season which is the beginning of three months of holiday creating... my favorite time of year. I have created a little tabletop display utilizing a stamped mosaic created from autumn color paper scraps, ribbon and three of my favorite "Scribble Girl" stamps**; layered upon alcohol ink painted vellum, burlap and corrogated cardboard painted with yummy Faber-Castell Gelatos.

This is fun with a touch of whimsy; full of texture and the fabulous colors of fall... gold, orange, reds and pops of green - this takes me back to my childhood when we lived up north and we would love to collect and play in the piles of leaves. I have it set up on a shelf in the foyer ready to welcome all who come to visit :)

There is a also blog candy to be won! Please follow the Rafflecopter instructions below to enter for your chance to win. You can earn an entry at each stop on the blog hop so be sure you leave a comment on each blog for a chance to win big prizes! The winner will be announced on Rita's Blog {} on October 3rd!

Follow the links below to visit all the stops on the
 Falling in Love with Fall Decor Bloghop!

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Thanks for visiting! I would love to hear what you are creating for the Fall Season. Please follow the Rafflecopter instructions below to be entered to win blog candy. Enjoy! :) Sb

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**The stamps I refer to as SCRIBBLE GIRLS are from the American Art Stamp - Karen Stolper "Stick Chic" line. This line seems to have been discontinued as I am unable to find a source to link up.

Monday, September 29, 2014

When #Cre8time and Greencrafting meet Deflecto Storage Solutions

Greetings Friends! It's the last Monday of September and time for another Deflecto USA Ambassador Design Team Challenge. I'm having such a fabulous time on this team and having the opportunity to get creatively organized and find a home for my crafty stash! 

For more information on the Deflecto line of products,

Today the entire Deflecto USA Ambassador Design Team is sharing a variety of creative and imaginative uses for a variety of Deflecto Storage Solutions - and today I'm focusing on this what we call "LAZY SUSAN" LOL! CLICK HERE to jump over to the Deflecto Craft Facebook Page to see more of the teams creations.

Carousel Rotating Organizer Item Number: 39010104. This carosel has three 6" tall and six 3" tall wedge shaped canisters with snap tight lids that nestle in a rotating base {aka LAZY SUSAN}. This also comes in a six 6" canister configuration. This is great for storing small craft supplies and with a few of my own crafty modifications... I've got it just right!

I have been keeping my eyes on a variety of desktop stackable tray spinners and have never really jumped for one because they don't really fit my workspace or work/organizational style. I don't want everything out and withing sight or reach... but I DO want everything to have a proper home. 

I'm using this Carousel Rotating Organizer to store my hoards of baggies and envelopes of ribbons and trims that are loose offcuts.

This will put a nice dent in this mess that has grown into a large box of ribbons and fibers and who know's what... it's making my head spin. I have a drawer dedicated to ribbon on spools all organized, but this box is the stuff I access all the time. It is taking up way too much precious table space!

I've modified my Carousel Rotating Organizer to have a top catch tray through some crafty recycling of a heavy duty cardboard tube, some bottle caps and a recycled serving tray leftover from a vegetable platter at the deli. All I need is a little black ink, some Amazing Casting Resin and E6000® adhesive.

I rummaged around my stash to locate a cardboard tube from some decorative paper and cut a section to size. This is a really sturdy cardboard similar to a packing tape spool. I just needed to rummage through my recycling bin for some caps to close off and strengthen the ends so that I can raise and mount the tray to the spinner.

I quickly stained the tube black to match the spinner using a makeup sponge and Jacquard Mantilla Black Pinata Ink.

I have some storebought plastic ribbon/thread cards and I'm forever running out of these. So I looked through my drawer of punches and found a nice tab shape that will work perfectly for DIY thread cards... and it's FREE!

While waiting a few for my inked tube to dry - I punched a whole stack of cardstock ribbon cards. If I need more... the punch is within arms reach. No more hunting at the store for them. YAY!

I have wound up a lot of ribbons on these - making a nice dent in my ribbon box mess. It might take me a few more evenings to get the entire box sorted and wrapped on cards. I have a huge pile ready to go which I separated by color into the 9 bins on the carousel.

I need to give my tube some endcaps so I can mount the recycled vegetable tray to the carousel. I did this by mixing up two small batches of Amazing Casting Resin {one at a time for each end} and partially filling the cap, then submerging the end of the tube into the liquid resin. I held it in place for a few minutes keeping it level until the resin cured {Amazing Casting Resin sets up in about 5 minutes and cures to an opaque white}. I might go back and drill a hole to in the carousel to properly screw it in place to make it more secure - but this seems to be working nicely for now.

With the tube in place, I'll have about a 2" gap from the top of the canisters to the floating recycled vegetable tray - giving me easy access to my ribbon.

Now with my tube capped, I am ready to glue it in place with some E6000®. I put the black end up because it's prettier that way and glued it to the center of the dish.

I kept an eye on this for a bit until the glue tacked up to make sure it stayed level and in the center. This is going to be so great!

After drying for a couple hours the suspense was killing me - so I flipped it over and gently dropped it into place in the center of the canisters... a perfect fit!


With the addition of the tray to the top... I am doubling my use and maximizing the vertical space! All those little bits of this and that on my table have a home and my hubs will finally stop asking me to get rid of that vegetable tray in the cabinet. CLICK HERE to jump over to the Deflecto Craft Facebook Page to see more of the teams creations.

How would you organize your crafty stash
with Deflecto Storage Solutions?

Thanks for visiting! Stay tuned for more of my studio re-organization. Please join me the LAST MONDAY of each month when the Deflecto USA Ambassador Design Team will have a new Deflecto product challenge to debut.
 :) Sb

For more information on the Deflecto line of products,

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sneaking a Little #Cre8time on Holiday...

Hello everyone! As summer comes to a close my hubs and I were able to squeeze in a last minute vacation to the tropics and we had a little ARTchaeological adventure! I couldn't resist packing a little Amazing Mold Putty along with my watershoes, binoculars and camera.

On our last day in paradise we ventured out on a covert "molding" mission. The mission was to capture something wonderful in Amazing Mold Putty that I could bring home and be used for my art creations. There were so many wonderful finds, designs and textures to choose from - making it hard to decide!

We are home now and not only do I have this fabulous mold for use in my art, but I also have a special memory shared with my hubs from our travels. I'm excited to experiment and see what I create with my fabulous new mold.

CLICK HERE to jump over to see
how I captured a piece
of the SEA in time...

Thanks for dropping by. Have a creative day! :) Sb
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